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The Cost of Living and Creating

It was recently suggested to me (by someone who knows little about my business of course) that I should at the very least consider increasing the price of my work because of the current cost of living crisis.

The suggestion caught me off guard in the first instance as I wondered how I’d missed this point myself but after some thought I realised that I hadn’t missed the point; I’d simply seen the problem in a different way and long before now.

Instead of expecting my Customers to cover the additional costs associated with the making of my work, I chose to cut down on my expenditure. 

This has meant a few changes for me in how I work:-

  • I paint from home, lucky to have an understanding Other Half who doesn’t mind my taking over a corner of the living room again and sharing his workshop with me. 

  • Although in a smaller studio at Fisherton Mill, my little corner is permanently open during Fisherton Mill hours.

  • I’ve started digging deep into my stash of materials, pressing myself to find new colour combinations and techniques without having to buy new materials.

  • I use old magazines and paper scraps as sketchbooks instead of buying new – I’ve even been known to use an old bank statement or two for a bit of paint play.

  • My old prints are great for painting over once they’ve been primed.

  • I do recycle canvases too although never for a commission.

  • I’ve downgraded my website package now that I have a better idea how I want it to work.

  • I used to keep a selection of fine art print stock but now I only print on request.

All of which allows me to cover the additional costs that have been applied to the lovely materials I chose to use like my highly pigmented paints, stable surfaces and professional grade UV varnishes.

You might also have noticed that I don’t seem to run any seasonal sales – the truth is that I used to in the early days, especially with prints until I realised that while seasonal sale discounts generated sales for me, the discount I was offering was creating a false economy; one where it was costing me to sell my work!

As an affordable brand, you could say that I’m offering a discount on sales, all year round.

I’m always glad of suggestions, I see them as reminders to check in on myself and my brand. Because there’s so much to do when it’s just you running the show, it’s easy to miss the obvious.

Thankfully, I continue to paint from a place of happiness.


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