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On the Easel

In preparation form my next solo exhibition at the Main Gallery, Fisherton Mill I've started working on some collection ideas which I'll be sharing with you here.

taming the wild.jpg

There was always something about this collection of paintings that just didn't feel finished to me so I'm looking at ways to solve might involve a scissors!

Floral Collage.jpg

Exploring negative space and construction book collage -

I'm not sure it's me but I'm still considering it!

Finding Space.jpg

I've been considering how I put down my painting layers, looking for alternative ways, new marks and more colour combinations I never thought of using before.

Flowers in a Vase.jpg

Exploring negative space while trying to be less literal...I'm happiest painting this way.

Less is More.jpg

During a recent sketching trip to Langford Lakes, something happened on the paper that I'm really excited about - I'm looking forward to exploring more.

Abstract Landscape.jpg

Still searching for the landscape in my daily sketchbook.

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