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On the Easel

In preparation form my next solo exhibition at the Main Gallery, Fisherton Mill I've started working on some collection ideas which I'll be sharing with you here.

Expressive painting

Trying to loosen up but how loose is too loose...?!


Hoping to collaborate with a local writer; very excited about this idea and really hope it has legs.


Nothing says Spring like a daffodil...

Colour mixing

My colour explorations are a never ending pleasure.

Flowers in vases keep making an appearance while I was preparing for my last exhibition and I'm not sure that I'm done with them as a subject just yet.


I had no idea at the time, they just appeared.

In an attempt to understand I did some research which suggested the following.

Still Life – can be a celebration of material pleasures or a warning on the shortness of life.

Oddly, this was the very same theme of a previous painting collection of mine which I called  ‘Memento Mori’.

The research continued to suggest that in modern art simple still life arrangements have been used as a neutral basis for formal experiment.


In dream lore, the flowers supposedly represent the things that make us happy and the vase is a symbol of stability.

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